Online Advocacy

Online Advocacy – Make Your Voice Heard

War, no war. Taxes, no taxes. Cut this, not that. In the current political environment, it’s difficult not to have an opinion. Today we’re going to look at how to use the Internet as a tool for civic engagement.

Talk to your elected official; find and contact them through the Internet. The University of Minnesota hosts a resource that will help you find your elected officials and their contact information.

Join respectful, political conversations with other Minnesotans through one of the many email lists supported by E-Democracy. List topics center on geography, issue, or are announcement-based.

Keep up on the trends. Democracy has a list of links related to politics, policy, and special interest groups. Consider subscribing to the Minnesota State Legislature’s What’s New email announcement list. And don’t forget your local newspaper online – many encourage email letter to the editors and often publish more online that in the traditional paper.

For more information consider attending Net & Elections and Online Advocacy in Minnesota this Thursday on the University of Minnesota campus. It’s a panel discussion that is free and open to the public – learn more at the E-Democracy web site.

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