A Spider’s Eye View

I get a lot of calls from people who want me to help them improve their search engine rankings. (If you know anyone else who needs help, please send them my way.) Some of them have beautiful sites that are easy for a human to navigate. Unfortunately for them, humans are not indexing sites for search engines – computers are.

One thing that helps to put that into perspective is to look at a web site as a search engines computer (aka spider) does. There is a fun, free tool that will help you do this:

Sim Spider

Type in a full URL and you will see what a spider sees. The tool will “spider” only one page at a time – because that is how your site is viewed by a spider, one page at a time. It can be an eye opening experience. As a web site owner, it is important to look at the spider text – how often are your optimal keywords found in the text? Click on the keyword density analyze this link icon on the Sim Spider screen for your answer.

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