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Lily’s Podcast

OK I guess I’m kind of into podcasts now. Lily is my 7 year old daughter. We just recorded her first podcast yesterday, “10 Questions About.”

She started by writing down 10 questions she had about lions. Then we researched lions together online using Yahooligans (, Wikipedia (, and an online dictionary (  

We went to Odeo (, which I mentioned in an earlier Byte. (It’s a free, phone-it-in blog creator.) I logged in. Then I went to the Odeo Studio page (  I set up a new podcast ( Then I called their phone number: 1-415-856-0205.

I went through their brief login progress and menu options, introduced Lily and handed the phone over to her. When she was done I pressed the pound key and went through their brief signoff process.

It is now available here:

Or for the kid who has everything, I bought the domain name for $9 at GoDaddy ( and redirected it to the site above. Now when the teacher asks about her summer vacation she can almost literally phone it in!

And since I’m all about family today, I’d like to tell anyone in the Twin Cities about an upcoming one-day Irish culture Summer School for adults. My husband is running the event. Guests include Liam Clancy, and experts on F Scott Fitzgerald, JM Synge, Irish music and more. You can learn more here:  

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