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You Tube – It’s Easy

I mentioned You Tube earlier this summer. It’s a web site where you can post video clips for free. Well, I finally had a chance to use it and I wanted to report back on how easy it is.

I recently posted a fun video on broadband technology for a group from International Falls, Minnesota. (  

All I needed to do was set up a free account and upload the video – by walking through their series of questions. They have some limitations: video time limit is 10 minutes and size is 100MB.

Rick in Minneapolis recently sent me a great use of You Tube ( These guys have posted brief snippets of videos from a recent conference. I think that’s a great way to share a conference with folks who can’t attend; or to help promote your conference for next year.

You Tube recently implemented a bunch of new improvements; none are worth going into – but I think it indicates that You Tube is gearing up to be bigger and better. It could be a good way to share family videos or just about any kind of video online.

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