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Microsoft Templates – Worth a Look

Lately it seems as if I’ve had Bytes for folks in Minnesota, business people, or web site owners – well, today’s Byte is for everyone.

I had to make a flyer this week. Whenever I have to make something like that I always start with Microsoft Templates ( I did a search on “flier” and got 100 choices back. But revisiting the site just reminded me of how much I like it.

Right now they are featuring checklist templates. I think I might use their kids chore list ( – although the house cleaning checklist ( did not seem as appealing for some reason.

They also had Halloween templates ( and event planning tools (

The search is pretty good. So, the next time you have to create a document or project on the computer – don’t start from scratch, start with the Microsoft Templates. I know if saved me at least an hour with the flier I created. (They even have template letters, such as cover letters for job and fundraising requests.)

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