23 Things on a Stick / Web 2.0

Online Image Generator – Thing 6

Remember I talked about 23 Things on a Stick a few weeks ago. It’s a program through Minnesota libraries to encourage people to learn about web 2.0 applications. Well, going through my 23 Things today, I learned about a couple of online image generators, two of which I loved!

Big Huge Labs (http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/) will walk you through making a wide range pictures using your digital photos. I created a billboard with my kids on it. You can also create:
Badges with images (for a serious business application)
Fake Magazine Covers
Blog Header
A Slideshow (Great for vacation snaps)
And more…

Image Chef (http://www.imagechef.com/) has a series of template images and you can add your own text or photos. If you looked hard or had low standards I think you could come up with a quick logo or banner for a web site. I picture a banner on someone’s birthday invitation rather than law conference.

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