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Don’t leave your laptop plugged in

I hope everyone survived St Patrick’s Day. We marched in the parade in St Paul! That was the height of it. The highlight of my week has been getting the new motherboard for my laptop. It’s been that kind of week.

I’ve had a lot of troubles with my latest laptop. Today I learned something that I thought I’d pass on. It’s best not to keep your laptop plugged in all of the time. I didn’t realize this and actually I felt it was better to have it plugged in. As the tech put it, the battery can build up a memory that the battery only needs so much power. So if you’re constantly plugging in when you only need 50 percent more – the battery gets into the habit of charging only the necessary 50 percent.

I don’t think that’s my greatest problem with this laptop – but I’ll take any advice to keep it going.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Don’t leave your laptop plugged in

  1. That’s only true for older laptops that used to used nickel based batteries. Today’s laptops have lithium based batteries that don’t have a memory effect.

  2. Thanks! I’ve read that it’s only older batteries – but the tech, who has been out to my house a few times now, says in practice it still seems to be an issue. My computer is a year old – but in fairness I don’t think the big issues is plugging (or not plugging) in the computer.

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