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Block FB Friends – Free Earth Day poster

Two Bytes in a week? Maybe I’m back on track. One item was timely so I wanted to get this out in time for folks to enjoy the poster!

First – I work with some folks who have put together a cute Earth Day Poster that you can download for free (scroll down to find it). With their permission, I’m sending the link with best wishes for a happy Earth Day (April 22)!

Second – do you have a friend on Facebook who is bugging you with her updates, yet you don’t want to deal with the politics of un-friending her? Well you could block her instead. The next time you see an update, just hover your mouse over the upper right hand portion of it. You’ll see a small X. Click on the X and you’ll get a dialog box asking if you want to 1) Hide this post, 2) Hide all posts by this person or 3) Mark as Spam. Choose the second option.

There you go – the person is hidden and none the wiser of your censorship.

Now what do you do if ever want to unblock those posts, just go to the very bottom of your Facebook homepage to find the older posts option. Just to the right you should find a “more options” button. If you click on that it will bring up a box with all things you have hidden and you can choose to unhide.

2 thoughts on “Block FB Friends – Free Earth Day poster

  1. I need help, please. I had blocked a FB friend a few days ago but I had to unblock him agin for a while. So I did. After 3 days I need to block him again but this time definately but FB doesn´t let me do it? what can I do?

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