Email Tips

Presentation on Eblasts and e-newsletter: tried and true way to reach customers in Chisago County

blThanks to the Chisago businesses who attended today’s webinar on e-blasts and e-newsletters. And thanks to Chisago HRA EDA and SBDC for hosting us! We talked about different tools for email lists, how to avoid spam, get read and track interaction.

Someone in the session asked about combining email marketing with text messaging. I knew the last time I looked that wasn’t an option through the same vendor It looks like MailChimp has a plugin that makes it possible, Constant Contact seems to have a partnership with EZ Texting and with EMMA I couldn’t quickly find one partner but a few options that may do texting. SO the answer is yes and no – through partnerships they are able to do it but not on their own.



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