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Facebook Pages for Businesses In Chisago County MN

Thanks to the Chisago businesses who attended today’s webinar on Facebook Pages for Businesses. And thanks to Chisago HRA EDA and SBDC for hosting us! We talked about how and why to set up a Facebook Page for your business. We also talked about how to get more people engaged in your Facebook page both through ads but also through organic interaction among Facebook Pages (businesses) and profiles (people). It’s amazing what a well-placed tag will do to extend your exposure!

Someone had asked about adding clickable images to a Facebook Page; I wanted to follow up. Turns out there isn’t a quick and easy way to do it. I found an article that outlined my suggestion, which was to create an article outside of Facebook (maybe on your website) that uses an image – then when you share that link the image (from your website) should get pulled into the Facebook post.

Also I wanted to share the handout and a link to the Facebook Pages represented in the session. If you are a business in (or out of) Chisago County, you might consider liking these folks from your Facebook Page to help start business to business interaction and lift the exposure of all businesses:

Mental Health Counseling Services

I know I’ve missed some folks who should be here. Please let me know and I can add you!

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