Website Development

Event PlannersPublishing a web site is an iterative process. You can start small and constantly work towards refining your message. Here is a continuum of the services we offer to get your website started:

Website Planning
If you’ve decided you want a web site – but aren’t really sure why – we can help. We will work with you and/or your team to define the purpose of your site and set some attainable (and measurable) goals.
(Cost for a 1-3 hour session is $300, also available as a workshop for multiple companies.)

Website Assessment
Your web site is up but it’s not performing as you would like. We can help determine what’s bhb_screenwrong by running objective as well subjective diagnostics following:

  • Search performance and ranking
  • Link Count, Meta Tags, HTML Titles, Text on Primary Page, Link Integrity
  • Download Speeds
  • Site Registration, Navigation

(Cost is $500)byte- montana

Website Creation
We can create or transform your web site into a content-rich site that leads visitors to perform targeted actions. Our preference is to work with WordPress, but we have experience with a wide range of Content Management Systems and can create a site in HTML.
(Costs start from $1500 for a simple 3-6 page web site)

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