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Reduce Waste by Stopping It at your Door!

It’s not too late for a New Years resolution that will help you reduce clutter. The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance has made it easy with a site that can help you limit the junk coming through your door. Below are some simple steps to get started:

  1. Reduce calls. Get on the Telemarketing “No Call” list. You can do it online or by phone 1-800-921-4110!
  2. Reduce mail at home. Tell junk mailers you want to be off their lists by sending a postcard to Mail Preference Service at PO Box 643, Carmel NY 10512-0643. This only works for households.
  3. Reduce credit card offers at home. Call (1-888-567-8688) to cancel credit card offers from the largest consumer credit bureaus.
  4. Reduce mail at work. Try Red Flag Services to cancel mail for former employees.
  5. Reduce Spam (unwanted email). Here’s a list of sites that can help. The quickest tip is to simply delete – but CAUCE can help you be more proactive.

There are a lot more great tips on the site I encourage you to take a look. (Now if I could only find some easy steps for reducing waists!)

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