Making Life Easier

An Online Cure for the Flu

Today’s topic should shed a little light on how my week is going. Sadly my list doesn’t actually provide a cure for the flu but does include a few great sites for practical health information.

Self-Care Flow Charts – These flow charts list potentially related symptoms to lead to a diagnosis and offer advice for how to treat the ailments.

PDR Health – The Physicians Desk Reference online provides searchable databases and indices on diseases, drugs, and more.

Winona Health Online – Free access to health assessment and tracking tools online. The assessment questions are extensive but will suggest ways to improve and track overall health.

A Quick Web Links Tip

If you have a web site, you know the ever-enduring quest for links to that web site. I ran into a kind of cheesy looking tool called I Need Hits. They have a free service (as well as paid services) that lead you to search engines to register your web site. I did it for a couple of site and think that it actually got us a few new links!

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