Conference News

A Few Good Conferences

If you are like me you’re looking for any event that is air-conditioned – I have a few suggestions.

E-Tapestry hosts fully functional fundraising databases for nonprofit organizations. I talked to them last week and I must admit I don’t know much about their product – except that it’s free for nonprofits with fewer than 500 records. You can learn more at their seminars in the Twin Cities next week.

The 2003 Rural Summit is all about entrepreneurship. There will be resources for entrepreneurs as well as resources for those who support entrepreneurs. One of my favorite highlights is an afternoon of one-on-one time with sought-after consultants. The conference is August 3-5 – but to get the early bird special you must register before July 8.

If you are responsible for a large web site, or would like to have the skills to manage a large web site, this next conference is for you: Gerry McGovern Twin Cities Content Management Seminar on July 21-22. I have heard good things about this guy and again to get the early bird special you have to act soon – actually today.

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