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Need to create a PDF?

I have a neat free tool to tell you about this week. I don’t think it’s new to the world – but it’s new to me. It creates PDF documents for free! It’s called PDF995.

PDF is short for portable document format – most of us run into PDFs when we download larger documents, such as white papers or research on the web. PDF is opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader (which can also be downloaded for free).

I used PDF995 this week when I had a document that I wanted to send to a publisher. I was afraid that I might lose some formatting if I sent it in a Word format so I tried out PDF995. I downloaded the software from the web site, followed the simple instructions, and it worked very well.

So, if you ever want to save the formatting of a document or want to send a document in a format that’s hard to change remember PDF995.

Thanks to Sue in Duluth for sending me this great new tool!

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