A Few Great Programs from MAP

I know that many of you know about Management Assistance Programs (MAP) for nonprofits – but I thought I’d remind or introduce folks to some of their great programs.Tech Talk is an email list of nonprofit techies. It’s a great place to read and ask tech questions of all levels. People are very generous about helping each other. Also, the group meets monthly. The topic in September is GIS.

Verizon eTraining Scholarships is a program through MAP where nonprofits can apply for free computer training from the Science Museum. If you haven’t tried their classes I can testify that they are great!

Group Virus Protection is an event on October 10 where 100 computer professionals are volunteering to visit 50 nonprofit organizations to help install Norton AntiVirus software. (I’m pretty sure that these will be metro-based nonprofits.)

If you’re not at a nonprofit but are interested in MAP – you might consider their board recruitment. They match potential board members with nonprofit organizations. It could be a foray into something new and rewarding.

For my friends outside of the metro area – some other friends (Minnesota Rural Partners and Community Technology Advisors) are working on a Rural Broadband Promotion Project. With funding from Blandin they plan to work with 9 communities in Minnesota to promote high-speed Internet access. Get more information here.

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