Online Advocacy

The Trick to Informed Voting

It’s the perfect time of year to tout one of my favorite resources – Minnesota E-Democracy.

E-Democracy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan web site that provides valuable information on local politics. First and foremost E-Democracy hosts public discussions on local policies. These discussions are often passionate, always respectful, and occasionally lead to real change. You can find a list of the discussions on their web site. Discussions are email and web-based.

MyBallot is a neat addition to E-Democracy. It’s an interactive web site that tells you who is going to be on the ballot at your polling station (based on the address you provide). There are links to information on each candidate and it even includes the address for your polling station. The data isn’t in quite yet for 2003 – but it should be up very soon.

E-Democracy is always looking for volunteers – if you want more information please let me know. (I’ve been an on-again-off-again volunteer for 8 years!)

Now you can go to the polls next Tuesday as an informed voter. (That’s the treat!)

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