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9 Common Homepage Design Mistakes

One of my favorite web design experts is Jakob Nielsen. Today I’m borrowing from one of his recent articles for the Byte – and to introduce you to his work.

  1. Emphasize your best features on your homepage
  2. Use a liquid layout that lets users adjust the size of the page
  3. Use color to distinguish visited and unvisited links
  4. Use graphics to show real content (not just for decoration)
  5. Include a concise tag line that summarizes your company or site
  6. Make it easy to access anything recently featured on your homepage
  7. Include a descriptive title
  8. Don’t label search area with header, use a search button
  9. Don’t include an active link to the homepage from the homepage

For the complete article visit the Useit.com site. Thanks to Pam in St. Paul for reminding me about Jakob Neilsen and sending me this article!

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