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Hyphenating Domain Names

I know most of you have a domain name – but sometimes it makes sense to get a new or additional domain name. Maybe because you are starting a new company or you want an address for a specific product or project. So, I thought I’d share what I know about domain names.

They are cheap. One place where I have had good luck is Go Daddy. I think they charge $9.00 per year for a domain name.

Once you have a domain name you can usually point it to an existing web site or a specific page in a web site – so there are no hosting charges for the “new page”. For example, the addresses below go to the same site:

I have seen people advocate effectively for using hyphens in domain names (such as Many hyphenated names are still available, they are easier to read in print, and they score highly on search engines because it’s easier for the search engine to parse out the specific words in the domain name when separated by a hyphen.

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