Computer Tips

Annual Computer Maintenance Checks

It’s that time of the year when we make resolutions and promise ourselves to take advantage of the clean slate of the New Year. I have a few computer-related items to add to your list. (Truthfully, most of these should be done much more often than annually – but there’s no time like today to get started.)

Back up your computer files! Epinions has some great articles that provide advice on how to back up your files.

Protect your computer from viruses. Make sure you have virus checking software in place and that the definitions are up to date. Two major packages to consider are Symantec and McAfee. Check out a past Byte for more info.

Check your system with PC PitStop. I have raved about PC PitStop in the past. It’s a web site that will run several diagnostic tests on your computer to let you know how it’s running. It also provides tips on how to improve performance. Check out a past Byte to learn more.

There you have three easy resolutions for 2004 and all of them are easier than losing weight or quitting smoking!

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