Making Life Easier

Two Shopping Sites

I wanted to tell you about 2 shopping related sites. First, Rick B. in Minneapolis told me about CompUSA’s fantastic search tool. You can do a keyword search, narrow it down by product, or check their directory of departments. It’s particularly helpful if you are looking for a part.Second, I read about a fun site yesterday – Consumer Search. They compile reviews and give recommendations on a wide of products including electronics, cars, shampoo, and more. Each product category includes a summary of the top reviews, a chart that compares options, an analysis of available research, and a link for places to buy the product. The reviews seem to come from very reputable sources and the comparison charts are easy to read.

Tangentially, I read about Consumer Search in a great book for anyone interest in usability and web sites – Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. You can read the second chapter online.

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