Computer Tips

Faster PDF Viewing

I have a great new tool today for anyone who hates to wait for PDF documents! It’s the Adobe Reader Speed-Up.

Just like it sounds, the Adobe Reader Speed-up is a program that speeds up Adobe, the software that lets you view PDF documents. I downloaded Adobe Reader Speed-Up the other day and noticed the difference immediately. Apparently the Speed-Up tool eliminates some of the Adobe advanced plug-ins, but I have yet to miss them.

[Not sure what a PDF document is? PDF (or portable document format) is a great format for a web publisher to use when they want to maintain an exact look of a document such as a brochure or long study with charts. Here is a very random sample.]

Thanks to John in Owatonna for the tip. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. (It’s now one of my favorite free tools!)

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