Computer Tips

Google Shortcuts and Features

I heard on the radio this morning that Google is days away from going public. Since I probably won’t be buying stock, I thought I’d show support for my favorite web site by checking out their new features:

Google Local: allows you to narrow search to geographic location

Personalized Google: you build a profile and they will try to cater results for searches based on your interests

I want to thank Sue in Duluth for telling me about the following Google shortcuts:

Flight status: type the name of the airline and the flight number in the goggle search field to get its status.

Calculator: type a mathematical equation in the search field, press enter and you will get its result.

Definition: type define: “word to define” and press enter to get its definition.

Map: type in address including city and state and Google will link to map providers – link will take you right to the map you need.

Maybe these features will help you decide to buy into Google as a user or as a stockowner.

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