Great Directories

I’m down on Yahoo. I used to like it. It was a great place to find general information or find info on a topic that was new to me. (Much easier to learn about Rugby through Yahoo than doing a keyword search on Google and getting 8 billion sites in return.) Sadly, Yahoo has become just a great place to find ads.

In mourning Yahoo, I’ve gone on the hunt for good general and topical directories. Here’s what I found:

Librarians’ Index to the Internet
A great general directory – maintained by librarians!

OK, this wasn’t new to me – but it is still a great general directory, maintained by volunteers.

All Music Guide
OK I can’t speak to their knowledge of classic music but they did list some artists that I know can be hard to find other places (such as El Vez and the Redskins).

It’s all news, all searchable and organized by location, category, with links to people news. Enter your zip code and it will give you news in your area from the last few hours.

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