Computer Tips

Explorer isn’t the Only Browser

Security concerns have promoted many users to stop using Internet Explorer. I won’t go into the problems (to learn more you can visit the following news story). I thought I’d introduce a few other browsers instead:

Netscape: I used to love Netscape! I still remember the sad day I gave it up – but it’s still out there!

Safari: I’m not a Mac user, but I’ve heard very good things from Mac users about Safari.

Mozilla: This is like the grandkid of the original browser. Mozilla celebrates open source technology – inviting developers to build upon their existing products.

The advantages of the above are: they’re free; they’re not Microsoft so hacking aren’t spending as much time targeting them

The disadvantage is that they’re not Microsoft so for many of us they will be different from what we are used to using. Also because 9 out of 10 users choose Explorer over other browsers most web developers program with Explorer in mind – so sometimes the formatting or functionality is less than perfect with other browsers.

If you are interested in a more complete list of browsers you can check out the list from DMOZ.

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