Web 2.0

I created a blog

In June, I wrote a Byte on blogs. As a result I have recently been interviewed for a public access TV show about blogs. In preparation for the big interview I thought I better actually create a blog.

Last Sunday I created a blog. It was super easy. I created one through Blogspot. I went to their site, answered three questions and I was all set up. You can find it here.

As you can see I plan to just post my Bytes there, since I’m not really looking for another weekly writing assignment. In fact, I think the only hard part about blogs is the actually writing. The technology is easy. So, for those of you out there you have something to say I strongly suggest you try a blog. I know at least two of you already have blogs – and I know several of you would be good blog candidates.

(Oh the TV show will be on a week from Saturday at midnight. For more information on the show, check out the Bat of Minerva web site

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