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Survey Savvy Pyramid Scheme

OK I feel like I’m inviting you to an Amway party this week – but it’s all in the name of information sharing. Last May I registered for Survey Savvy. They pay you to take surveys online.

I have not exactly gotten rich through Survey Savvy – but so far I’ve earned $20 for taking one survey. Here’s how it works. Companies pay Survey Savvy to send out surveys to qualified target markets. If your profile matches that target market they will send you a link to a web site to answer a couple of quick questions to see if you qualify to take a paid a survey.

For example, your profile might say you have a baby so you get an invitation to the Pampers survey. Then through the initial filtering questions they find out you use cloth diapers, so you don’t qualify to take the Pampers survey.

If you get the initial invitation but don’t qualify for the survey your name goes into a drawing for $10. If you do qualify they will send you to the web site with the entire survey. They surveys seem to be about 10 minutes long, and the payment seems to be about $20 per survey.

I like taking surveys so I have enjoyed my Survey Savvy experience. Also, I have not been inundated with unwanted email so – I thought I’d pass this fun site on to you. Here’s the sneaky part – if you join and take surveys I will get paid too, hence the Amway reference above. If you refer others you too will get paid every time they take a survey.

So with some hesitation I will give you my referral link: Through here you can sign up online.

Thanks to Terri in Coon Rapids for getting me hooked up with Survey Savvy!

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