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April 15 is right around the corner. To help prepare you for the inevitable, I thought I’d share some helpful tax web sites.

The IRS site is super helpful and easy to use. Popular sections include the File Free online service and the Where’s my Refund page.

Nolo Taxes and Audits
Nolo has a lot of good info online. This page helps with details such as “how long should you keep tax records.”

Yahoo Finance
OK, like many Yahoo sites, this one has plenty of ads – but some of the links are great. I like the tax prep checklist and the tax calculators.

Now I have to quit looking up the cool tools, and actually gather forms…

After last week’s article on web site that seem to have disappeared, Roger in Minneapolis suggested that the Wayback Machine is a good resource too. They archive old web sites. They don’t track all web sites, but they track a lot. If you haven’t visited, you should. It’s fun to see what your favorite web sites looked like last year, or the year before.

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