Google Site Maps

About a month ago I briefly mentioned Google Site maps. If you have a web site I think this is the new best way to get Google to look at your site – all of your site. A regular site map (such as found here) helps search engines and users to track the pages in your web site. It acts like an index of a book. Google has devised a slightly different kind of site map that they like to use to track pages in a web site. They want the site map to come in xml or txt, preferably xml. (XML is a language akin to HTML.) I have created some Google site maps for smaller web sites with success.

For more information you can visit Google’s site on site map.

I briefly mentioned it before because the details can get cumbersome. I mention it again because since Google announced the site maps, new sites have popped up that can help you build site maps easily. XML Sitemap Generator is one such site. If you have a small to midsize web site (fewer than 500 pages), it will create a Google site map for you and give you instructions on how to upload it and report it to Google. If you have a web site I strongly suggest you look into this.

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