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All About Amazon

Today I’ve been checking out Amazon. I thought I’d share some of their new things; they’re kind of interesting. (This isn’t an endorsement for Amazon – just a look at what they’re doing.)

Purchase Circle:
These are lists of best selling books by population segment, such as employee of Oracle or person living in St Paul. OK, I’m not sure why you’d care – unless you had a job interview at Oracle and wanted to appear to fit in, but it’s kind of interesting.

Honor System:
Through Amazon you can provide your customers a way to pay you – perhaps to make voluntary payments or pay for digital content. In short you put the Amazon 1-Click icon on your site, the visitor makes the payment to Amazon, and Amazon pays you.

Amazon Yellow Pages:
This is a beta service – but if you run a business I think now is the time to make sure that you are listed and that you expand your listing – (since it’s free now). The easiest way to do that is to find your listing by searching your zip. Once you find it you will see places to “click to add or update info”.

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