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Beyond Google

Despite what Google would like us to think, there really isn’t a definitive engine. None of the search engines catalogs all of the web sites. So it makes sense to know about a few of them and to know how they work together.

Many of the search engines share databases, which is part of the reason results may look similar in different search engines. Bruce Clay has a wonderful chart that diagrams the relationships of the major search engines ( The chart is especially helpful if you have a web site that you want the search engines to find. Tap into the big feeder search engines and you’ll reach the others.

The top search engines include:

Google –
Yahoo –
Ask –

See the popularity of various major search engines at SearchEngineWatch (

Specialty search engines include:

Yahooligans – still my favorite for kids
NexTag  – for comparison shopping  – for business sites
Melissa Data  – a couple of good info databases
Beyond Google  – a presentation that includes lots of scientific and academic search tools

I hope that helps!

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