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Spam Protection and a New Library (not necessarily related)

Last week I talked about how email addresses (IP addresses actually) get blacklisted. Rosemary, from St Paul, wrote in to tell me that addresses can also be blacklisted when there is a poorly constructed email-based form on their web site. It’s a good reminder to check your web forms too. You can learn more here ( if you are interested.

Looking for a quick description of the web form problem led me to find Popular Spammer Tricks ( I think this site does a great job of describing how spammers get their job done (how they spam) and how you can avoid receiving spam and/or avoid making the spammer’s job easy.

On a completely unrelated note – I have to put in a big plug for the new downtown Minneapolis public library ( For those from outside MN – the library has been completely rebuilt and it’s amazing. You can get some great shots of it on Flickr ( The best picture, however, can be found on the Minneapolis Star Tribune ( just click on #3. Some of you may recognize these smart looking girls are my youngest two! (I have to add that this actually made the paper version of the news too!)

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