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Being Safe

People have sent me emails on being safe today. The world of safety differs from “how to fall from great heights” to Internet security – but it seemed as if someone was telling me to do a Safety Byte. Here are some of the resources – I hope that there are helpful but that you will never need them.

(Oh a couple people have asked about my kids’ podcast – they actually have been updating it recently:

Survive a Long Fall
It made my palms sweat just reading about it. But

Security Evolution Quick Hits
A fun and helpful newsletter on Internet security from Mike Endrizzi (MN security guru)

A fire safety site for kids. (Warning: they will ask about batteries in the smoke alarms if they see this – so be prepared.)

National Crime Prevention Council
They have topics on nearly everything for adults and kids.

Keep Schools Safe
Info for parents, kids, and educators. (Warning: if I had this much info on lab safety as a high schooler I could have led an effective campaign to ban chemistry or at least make it an elective.)

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