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Web Site Check Up

If you have a web site, it’s easy to kind of forget about it. It’s built, you probably spent a lot of time on it at one pint but now it’s done. Today I’m going to Detroit Lakes to talk about giving your site a Web Site Check Up. Very quickly these are the things I think you should check on our site periodically:

  1. Is the info on your site still true? – or are you featuring an upcoming 4th of July sale and a phone number that no longer works?
    1. Here’s a fun tool that will help you at least check out the links on your site to make sure that they are still good: http://www.htmlhelp.com/tools/valet/
  2. Can the search engines find you? Do a search on your name and a few keyword terms that someone might use to find a business like yours
    1. Here’s a tool that will tell you how your site ranks with major search engines: www.mikes-marketing-tools.com/ranking-reports
  3. Are you supporting your site?
    1. Do you have an email newsletter? Do you mention your URL on your voicemail?
  4. Are other sites linking to you?
    1. Here’s a tool that will show you who is linking to you: www.linkpopularity.com

There you go a very quick prescription for a check up.

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