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Posting PPT Online

Last summer I looked high and low for an affordable tool to easily and attractively post PowerPoint slides online. Well, this week I finally found a tool I liked PointCast ( (Cost was $100.)

I used it recently to upload a presentation on email newsletters:

It was very easy to use. Once I downloaded the software, an additional button was added to PowerPoint to “publish” the presentation the same way I would save it. And once that was done I was able to upload the files to my web server.

You can set the slideshow to advance automatically. I set mine to advance as someone clicks through the slides. Apparently you can add audio with PointCast too. I haven’t had time to test it yet – but I’m hoping to get the chance soon.

On a completely different note – David in St Paul sent me a fun shopping site last week that I wanted to share: It features reviews of Twin City shops.

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