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Personal Home Page

Someone was just asking me about how they could create their own news web page. So I thought I’d write a Byte on web sites that let you create customized versions of your web site that you can use as your personal homepage.

My Yahoo ( let’s you pick and choose the news feeds that you would like to populate your personal pages. So, you can choose to get updates from various cities or news resources, weather reports, TV listings, stock quotes, comics, and more.

c|net My News ( will filter news articles from their various publications to your personal web site based on keyword, topic, company or a combination of all three. ( will also let you filter news by publication, topic, company, and includes a search engine.

Google ( is a little different than the others in that along with the information the other services offered, their search engine is the center of the page and they include access to the personalize Google Calendar.

To set one of the pages above as your homepage on Explorer you can visit the specific web page, choose TOOLS, from your menu bar, select INTERNET OPTIONS from the dropdown menu, and then set the homepage in the dialog box.

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