Web Developer Tools

Image Protection

I think we all know how to “lift” pictures from the web. If you use a PC, you just need to right click with your mouse on the picture. A dialog box will open and you will have the option to copy the picture or save it on your local drive. Of course just because you can copy these pictures don’t mean you should use them – you always want to consider copyright!

I am working on a site that wanted to make it difficult for users to copy their logo: (www.mn150years.org).  

It was a lot easier to set up than I had thought it might be. I downloaded the “disable right click” java script (http://javascript.internet.com/page-details/disable-images-click.html). I pasted the first half in the header and added the second part to the tag. Once you look at the code it makes sense. On the Sesquicentennial site I actually posted the changes in the template so that it would work across the state. This isn’t a failsafe way to protect images – but it’s an easy, good first line of defense.

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