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Last week I learned a little about Twitter ( It’s kind of like speed blogging for the really lazy. You sign up and get free web space where you can post endless text messages. Generally those messages are very quick, 1-2 sentences.

Here’s a sample from a complete stranger: I picked his because his posts are a combination of work and real life and I think that’s generally how these things go.

I signed up too:  

As you can see I just signed up. I will be very surprised if I ever post again.

I’ve been trying to think of a practical application. I think if you were a teenager with lots of time and a great need to be heard that this would be a good format. Maybe if you were on vacation or moved temporarily to a new place it might be fun to keep in touch with people at home – and maybe the people at home would read it.

From a work perspective maybe you could twitter as you worked out a problem – or maybe use this as an online brainstorming tool. Perhaps when you looked at your notes later solutions or idea would come up.

Even though I can’t really think of any great applications somehow Twitter caught my attention.

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