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Byte of the Week Blog

OK I’ve said it before but this time I really mean it. I moved the Byte to a blog (https://byteoftheweek.wordpress.com/). I spent literally hours this weekend cutting and pasting weekly articles as individual posts – going back to 2003! I added categories, an RSS feed, and I promise to try to add new posts to the blog. I may even try to add extra midweek notes to the blog.

This time I went with WordPress (www.wordpress.com) as the blog tool of choice. Earlier I had tried Blogger (www.blogger.com) and I still prefer Blogger for customizing the look of a blog – but I find WordPress a little bit easier for managing the actual blog posts. Admittedly I have done nothing to customize the look of the Byte blog; maybe I’ll do that next weekend.

Once I completed the blog, I used a tool called Feedroll (http://www.feedroll.com) to create the code I needed to post an RSS feed from the blog onto the Treacy Information Services homepage (www.treacyinfo.com). So now when I update the blog the title of the new article will be fed onto my homepage.

I wanted to thank the people who contacted me last week about Twitter. Some of you big Twitter users; others wondered what in the heck someone would do with it. Bill from St Paul sent me a fun link to a Twitter Mashup (http://twittervision.com/.)

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