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Video Podcast

It’s been a hectic week so I’m recycling an article I wrote for another blog/newsletter, Blandin on Broadband; I thought folks would find it interesting

Last week I created my first video podcast. I did it using a resource called PodcastPeople to record the videocast. Then I posted it on YouTube, which makes it easier to embed the video into the blog. (Both PodcastPeople and YouTube are free.) We used a webcam to record the video. It was pretty easy. The hardest parts were trying to get a good shot of the computer screen and getting over the whole idea of being in a video. (You’ll notice the camera is on the computer screen, not me!)

On a similar note, my girls and I have been podcasting again. Not a lot, you can see the latest here: http://10qs.wordpress.com/. But I thought I would mention that we have been using Odeo’s online studio to record the podcasts rather than Odeo’s phone service. I wrote about the phone service a year ago or so. And then Odeo discontinued the service. Well, I finally bought a microphone at Target for $10. I plug it into my laptop and really the studio at Odeo does the rest. It’s so easy that I’m not sure my 8 year old really needs me.

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