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Fun Web Sites

Today’s Byte is a little disjointed but I have come across some fun sites lately that I wanted to share:

Tracks how the Presidential candidates are doing online including how often they’re mentioned on blogs, the popularity of their YouTube videos and more. I wrote more about then in the Blandin on Broadband blog earlier this week:

Hollywood Librarian
First, who would be cooler than the librarians? No one! This documentary tracks the job of the librarian today and debunks outdated myths. You can see a clip on YouTube: (Even the non-librarians in the crowd will like the clip!)

Also I have been talking lately to a few local, journalist/bloggers. These sites may or may not be of interest to folks outside of Minnesota – but I think they’re good examples of community news web sites:

Twin City Daily Planet
A mix of local stories compiled from various resources and investigative reporting. In the Twin Cities we’re seeing a lot of cuts in local newspapers so it’s nice to see someone picking up the slack.

Minnesota Monitor
A compilation of local bloggers covering various aspects of the community. MN Monitor helps a diverse group get into blogging so I think get diverse topics and views, which is fun.

The Northeast Beat
A nice mix of news, events, and features from a Minneapolis neighborhood.

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