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Yesterday a friend of mine (Bill from Mahtomedi) sent me information on a free online video phone service, SightSpeed ( You visit their site, download the software and magic presto you can make video calls to friends who have downloaded the same software. It took only a few minutes.

Admittedly you have to have a camera, mic and speakers – but other than that you don’t need much. Bill and I tried out the service and it was a little echoy – but it worked. You can also make audio-only calls. It’s a great, free way to talk to and see friends around the world.

If you sign up, feel free to list me as a call buddy and we can test out the service.

2 thoughts on “SightSpeed

  1. Glad you liked it! You should have no echo issues at all, actually — (1) are you using a headset? If so, then make sure that the appropriate boxes are checked in the “Settings” tab in the upper left-hand corner of the application and then click on “Microphone Settings” (if you have a headset, I suggest you uncheck the “I am in a noisy place” box); (2) if you are not using a headset, do the opposite. Check this out and let me know what you think by sending me a note at And, Happy SightSpeeding!

  2. Peter I think actually the fault may be faulty equipment. Bill has a microphone on his computer and on his camera and we decided that the issue is probably the feedback from the double mic. We’re working on how to fix the problem.

    I really like the tool. So much so that I am going to include it on a monthly article that I write for the Blandin Foundation that they pass on to local newspapers throughout Minnesota. I’ll make sure to send a copy of the article to you. You can see past articles here:

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