Web 2.0

Adding pictures from Flickr to another web site

Flickr is a great place to save and store pictures. One of the things I really like is that you can post pictures from your Flickr account to another web site easily. Then when you update your pictures in Flickr the update is fed to your web site. You can post all of your pictures or choose just a portion by grouping or tagging them.

You could also update pictures from friends or strangers on Flickr, perhaps based on their tags and assuming that they made their pictures available to the public.

I have looked this up about 42 times so if for no other reason then to save myself time, I am sending the link to you folks:

If you have a Flickr account, this page will walk you through the process of creating Flickr badge that you can cut and paste into another web site or blog so that pictures in your account automatically appear on that site.

Here’s an example of a Flickr fee I set up for a resort:

And here’s an example of a Flickr feed created to gather pictures from everyone:

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