Blog Links are Great

I’m the kind of loser who checks my own name in Google every 6 months or so. I get paid to make sure other people come to the top of the list when they search for their (company) names – but I don’t consciously do much to promote my own name.

Because I have been active online for about 12 years and because of the unique spelling of my last name, I generally come up #1 on Google for [Ann Treacy]. In fact of the top 20 returned hits I generally occupy 15-18 of those spots.

Well one thing I notice this time I searched for myself – the top pages have changed entirely! In the last year or so I have become much more active in blogs – and most of the top ranking sites are blogs. Most are blog I maintain but some are just blogs where I was mentioned.

So what does this mean for you? Start getting active in the blog, by creating your own or getting mentioned in others, if you want to appear more often in Google rankings. (My Twitter account also ranked highly.)

I hope everyone is keeping cool. If you have air conditioning, you can think of me in my sweltering office.

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