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College Age ID Theft

I don’t often do this but I read an interesting article in the newspaper that I thought I would pass on:  

It talks about how to save college age kids from ID Theft. They gave a “no call” number for credit card companies: 1-888-567-8688. Apparently if you call they will take you off the billions of lists to get credit card offers you usually get in college.

They also warn about giving away too much person info online because that can help hackers guess your passwords and to put a flag on your credit report, which might help recognize an issue before it becomes a problem.

The FTC also has a great site ( that can help prevent and clean up ID theft.

For college students I think it’s also wise to remind them that what you say online may haunt you forever. Google never purges their database – and if you thought home movies were embarrassing – imagine explaining a chat room archive to a future boss or spouse.

3 thoughts on “College Age ID Theft

  1. Thanks for conveying this message to everyone because this would truly make an impact since this would surely help everyone become more watchful and wise in making decisions.

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