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Invitation to Free Webinars

OK today’s Byte is different. It’s an invitation to free webinars sponsored by the Blandin Foundation. In the spirit of full disclosure, I work with them but I thought that the webinars might be of interest to some readers. I am hoping to attend all 3.

Blandin Broadband Pre-Conference Webinars
Join us for one or all three of these “FREE” webinars sponsored by the Blandin Foundation! This series is perfect for economic development commissioners or elected officials to learn more about telecommunications and its impact on economic development.

Confirm your registration by sending a note to

“Get up to speed on Internet technologies and their impact on local economic development before attending the Blandin Broadband Conference in November. Participating in a webinar is both easy and convenient so do not be hesitant to give it a try.” Bill Coleman, Webinar Moderator

Webinar Dates and Topics
October 3rd Global Trends in Broadband
October 17th The Economic Impacts of Broadband and Technology
October 31st Web 2.0 Applications

Webinar Times
8:30 – 9:30 AM

Webinar Instructions
Our webinars are internet and conference call based. It’s easy…
Click on this link to join us via the web:
Conference Call
Dial: 866-316-1519
Passcode: 14223904

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