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Anagrams & Wikipedia Ban

Today you get two Bytes in one. Both are really just nibbles.

Wikipedia bans people and IP blocks

I wanted to post an addition to a Wikipedia article ( the big collective online encyclopedia) but I’m blocked. Actually I am not personally blocked but another eircom customer in my area has ruined it for us all. Some other customer made edits that got him (or her) booted from the privilege – but since we have shared access we all suffer; our IP addresses are blocked. I think I could appeal but I wasn’t that into it.

Funny enough after this happened I read an article in the Trinity College newspaper saying that their whole campus has been blocked. Like me, they can view the site but not edit. Apparently there is one avid editor on the campus who has ruined it for everyone.

I just thought that this blocking was interested and maybe a sing that the do police the site in some ways.

Anagram Genius

The other nibble is not nearly as helpful in day to day life – the Anagram Genius ( will find an anagram of your name – or any name you enter. (Mine was Any Nectar.)

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