Web Developer Tools


I thought I had mentioned this tool before but apparently not. I love this new tool for building contact forms:

MyContantForm http://www.mycontactform.com

This is a free tool that will build a contact form that you can paste into your web site. So, what wouldn’t you just code a form? Well here are the things I like about MyContactForm:

• It filters out a lot of spam. Forms get a lot of spam these days.
• It sends an automated response to the sender. You can customize the message and the sender address.
• It’s server neutral. So you don’t have to worry about what type of server or code support is available on the server.
• It sends the form response to a specified address and saves it on a web site where you can access old responses and download them as a spreadsheet.

As I said the tool is free, however you can upgrade cheaply; I think it’s $50 a year. An upgrade buys you more capacity to receive responses and some other features.

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