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Today’s Byte is for folks who manage their own web sites. If you don’t build sites, here’s a web site that will help you build a gingerbread house with kids: (Guess what we’re doing soon? This is from Zoom, and generally their stuff is super easy to do.)

Back to web sites…

CSS or style sheets help people use code to create look of their web site. Here are some tools to help create basic web site layouts using CSS. I think it would be hard to use these tools if you didn’t know CSS – but if you do it can be a quick start for a new site.

CSS Creator:
This site will create the basic code for a fixed or liquid width for a site with 1, 2, or 3 columns and a header and footer.

The same site also provides a tool that will generate code for a dropdown menu:

Will create code for forms and surveys, using CSS.

CSS Rounded Box Generator
The purpose is pretty specific, but I think it’s easier to use than other “roundy corner” tools I’ve seen.

I hope that’s helpful to you. Have a great week! Ann

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