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Flip Video

I rarely do this – but I’m going to give a huge product endorsement for the Byte this week. This year I got a Flip Video ( for Christmas. Really I got it about 6 weeks ago and we have just loved it.

The best thing about the Flip Video is that it’s so easy to use. You turn it on then push the red button to start filming and push the same button to start. You can zoom in or out a bit. It’s very easy to hold and the videos seem to turn out not so shaky. Also it’s very easy to upload the videos to YouTube. The Flip Video comes with a USB port on the side so all you really need to do it plug it into your computer and the software will walk you through the process of uploading to YouTube – you just need to set up an account ahead of time. Here is a sample video: (It’s a video of playground equipment in Dublin – not techie but more fun than the video I took of the Christmas play at the girls’ school.)

Also I want to thank Andy from Minneapolis for sending a great one-sheet cheat sheet on saving .docx documents to .doc. I posted it on the Byte of the Week blog. (  

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